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Our History

Sal Pirruccio
Founding Partner

Dino Tommasi,
Founding Partner

After working together for many years for a major national fabricator of stainless steel equipment, Sal Pirruccio and Dino Tommasi, in true entrepreneurial fashion, joined forces and formed their own business. Marlo Manufacturing opened its doors in 1971. With their years of hands on experience and an eye towards the future, the new collaboration, became a well established and respected manufacturer. Innovation and a loyal and seasoned staff helped capture a long list of satisfied customers and enabled the company to expand and increase its capabilities.

Both Dino and Sal were fortunate enough to each have talented sons who "grew up" on the proverbial "factory floor" and who shared a love for the business. When Paul Pirruccio and Paul Tommasi joined the staff, Marlo had the perfect combination of strong, hands on experience and a new view towards updated modern computerized equipment.

Larry Dubov,
VP Sales & Marketing
Larry Dubov joined the Marlo team in 2006. With his long-standing and impeccable reputation for marketing and creative industry knowledge, Larry's understanding of customer requirements to create modern kitchens and dining facilities completes the picture. Marlo Manufacturing has proven to be the company that supplies the products for "The New Millennium!". Larry has had personal one on one relationships with Dealers and Distributors serving food service segments in Hospitality, Health Care, B&I, and Schools. The Pharmaceutical Sector, Correctional Facilities and The Military are additional areas of service.

Today, as always, Marlo Manufacturing is a company that is responsive to the needs of their customers and has the creative and intellectual skills to meet the demands of the most demanding designers, architects and consultants.

Marlo's goal is always to be the fabricator of choice.

Marlo Manufacturing: Specialists in the art of Pre-Engineered Custom Fabrication. Heart & Soul of any company is only as strong as the people who handle the day to day operations. From Engineering and Design, to Accounting and HR, the staff at Marlo is dedicated and experienced.

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Paul Pirruccio
VP of Manufacturing

Our Philosophy

Paul Tommasi,
VP of Operations
Our philosophy revolves around Our Customer. Everyone at Marlo understands that "People do business with people they want to do business with!" From that first friendly "Welcome to Marlo Industries", which Marlo is famous for, to the "That is just what we expected from a company like Marlo", by the customer.

Marlo industries continues to provide Superior Quality hand in hand with Superior Customer Service.

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The Marlo Team

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